Photography For Beginners...

Introduction: Welcome all newcomers to the beginnings of photography. This space is designed to give an overview of the basics that one must understand before picking up a camera.


The Rule of Thirds
The “rule of thirds” is a technique that makes the photo look more professional and aesthetically pleasing. As you can see on the photos, the rule of thirds is about dividing the photo into nine equally big boxes (3x3).Then try to place the objects on the lines.
external image oxeye-daisy-rule-of-thirds.jpg
This is a good way to organize your picture in the beginning, until you know enough to be able to break the rules.

For example, if using the example of a flower photo. Putting the flower in the middle of your picture, would be considered breaking the rules of composition. The purpose of the rule of thirds is so that a photo can have a focus, even without it being in the middle of the picture, aswell as to be aesthetically pleasing to the viewer.

Framing a Photo

Sometimes it could help to use your surroundings as a frame to make a more interesting composition. Tree leaves are the most common and easiest way of using this technique. Consider these images as examples:

external image natural%2520framing%2520sunset.jpg external image framing-castle.jpg